Holidays with the tent...

Information for tent guests

To be as close to nature as possible makes camping in a tent to something very special. For that we offer you sufficient space on our over 1000 square meters large tent meadow. Electricity and drinking water is avaiable on the meadow. Grilling is permitted in principle, but to avoid damage on the lawn please use a suitable grill. Ask the staff if you need a fireproof base. Close to the entrance area you will find our function room with a cooking corner and freezer as well as a covered seating possibility. You can park your car next to the tent meadow. Please note that parking cars or motorcycles on the meadow is not allowed.

For groups over 10 persons please contact us before your arrival.

A reservation for tents on the meadow is not possible. If a reservation is urgently needed, you can book a pitch for your tent instead. In this case you will have to pay the pitch prices like a caravan/mobil home.
Camping in the winter month is only possible on pitches due to the weather.


Tent fees
per day

01.05. - 31.10.

01.11. - 30.04.

Tent small
(without car/motorcycle/1 person tent)

Preis Sommer 4,00 €
Preis Winter ---

Tent medium
(including car/motorcycle/2-3 person tent)

Preis Sommer 5,10 €
Preis Winter ---

Tent large
(including car/motorcycle/4 person tent and bigger)

Preis Sommer 6,50 €
Preis Winter ---

Adults (16 and older)

Preis Sommer 6,10 €
Preis Winter 6,60 €

Young people (between 12-15)

Preis Sommer 4,10 €
Preis Winter 4,60 €

Children (up to 11)

Preis Sommer free
Preis Winter free

Tourist tax adults

Preis Sommer 2,60 €
Preis Winter 2,60 €

Tourist tax young people

Preis Sommer 1,95 €
Preis Winter 1,95 €

Rubbish fee (per day)

Preis Sommer 1,50 €
Preis Winter 1,50 €




per night

01.05. - 31.10.

01.11. - 30.04.

2 persons in a 2 people tent on our tentmeadow

Preis Sommer 24,00 €
Preis Winter ---

For additional persons just add the persons fees and tourist tax to the price example.

For detail price informations please click here.

... so close to nature